The beautiful outer wrapper with butterfly lock holds an instruction card explaining the marking system so you can start learning when you open your deck.

We shot over 2 hours of tutorial videos for you, going over the Butterfly Playing Cards basics, demonstrating a dozen effects unique to the deck, and sharing tips and principles that Ondrej has developed since the first edition's release.

Here is a list of tricks explained in the tutorial:

  • Cutting to Any Card Called For - Cut to any card in a shuffled deck.
  • Pexeso/Memory - Find a mate to a freely selected card with just one cut.
  • Cutting with the Three of Spades - The spectator finds their freely named card with the Three of Spades.
  • Butterfly Stacking - Find any four of a kind with a couple of riffle shuffles.
  • Impossible Divination - Correctly name a freely selected card after your spectator shuffles the deck. There are endless ways to end this effect, with several tipped in the tutorial.
  • Butterfly Challenge - The spectator selects any card and shuffles the deck. The deck is then cut into three piles. You then correctly name the pile the chosen card is in, what card it is, and in which position in the pile it is.
  • Butterfly Clocking - Simply riffling through the deck, you can correctly name the card your spectator selected behind their back.
  • Clocking with a Kicker - The spectator selects any card behind their back without seeing it. You then go through the deck to figure out the missing (chosen) card. After that, you call out three numbers, deal through the deck and take out the cards at those positions. These cards have the same value, helping you reveal the spectator's chosen card.
  • Multiple Cards Divination - The spectator selects various cards. While standing back to back, you correctly name every card they have in their hands.
  • Double-decker with a Kicker - The spectator selects any card and shuffles the deck. You then try to memorize the deck's order. You pick a card from a second deck, ask your spectator to name their selected card, and then cut to it using the random card. As a kicker for the end, the card from the second deck matches the card next to your spectator's card.
  • Double-decker That Cannot Be Explained - This variation of Dai Vernon's The Card Trick That Cannot Be Explained uses one deck to identify a card your spectator has chosen behind their back. 
  • Butterfly Dribble Catch - The spectator shuffles the deck and then names any four of a kind. You find three of the cards, each one in a more impressive fashion. For the big final, you catch the last card from a dribble!

Each deck contains 15 custom-made stickers from 8 accomplished playing-card designers. These will inspire you to customize your tuck case so you’ll love carrying the cards everywhere you go and showing them off to all your friends.

Color: RED
Color: RED